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Published Articles and Presentations


Insularity and Progress (which started it all)

Dec, 2004

Directions Magazine Articles

Inaugural Victorian Oracle Spatial User Group Forum, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mar 02, 2006

Oracle Spatial User Group Meeting, Brisbane, 9th December 2005

Jan 06, 2006

Interview: Chris Bellman, Past President of Spatial Sciences Institute

Oct 14, 2005

Killer Data - LiDAR

Oct 12, 2005

Editorial: Killer Data - geoTorrent.org, Google Maps/DigitalGlobe and LiDAR - Part 1

Oct 11, 2005

Killer Apps - Silver Bullets Made From Smart Tags

Oct 03, 2005

Oracle Spatial User Group Meets in Australia

Sep 04, 2005

GITA Australia -- One man's view

Sep 04, 2005

Scalable Server-side In-database Geoprocessing

Aug 31, 2006

Presentations at Conferences

Delivering Technical ROI

July, 2006

Profiling an Oracle Spatial Process

March 2006

Thinking outside the GIS square, SSI 2005

July 2005

University Lecture on Enterprise GeoDatabases

Sept, 20xx

Oracle Spatial - inside the square

April 2007

Tips and Tricks - PL/SQL, Locator & Application Express (Apex)

Aug 6, 2007

Data Quality Dashboard: Leveraging APEX with Oracle Locator to improve Business Decision Making

Aug 6, 2007

Database_Synchronisation_Using_Spatial_Replication (My contribution to a joint presentation with Neal Evans GeoScience Australia entitled "Bathymetry SPOT")

Aug 6, 2007

Automated Layer Management - Experiences At Mid Coast Water
(Actually, modelling surface area (in 2D) affected by subterranean pipe burst.)

Aug 28, 2008

Gridding vs Simplification in Extracting Performance from High Density Data

Aug 28, 2008

An Introduction to Spatial Databases

Nov 11, 2007

Free And Open GeoData - From Shadows to Reality

Feb 20th, 2009

Oracle Spatial for PostGIS Users Understand, Isolate and Migrate

Oct 22nd, 2009

Extending a 2D Zone of Influence to 3D using Oracle 10g and 11g SDO_TIN
(Actually, modelling surface area affected by subterranean pipe burst incorporating 3D processing.)

AUSOUG Conference Melb, Nov 16-17, 2009

Using SQL Server 2008 Spatial and FullText to implement dynamic metadata/data search solution.

Tasmanian GIS Meeting, Hobart, May, 2010.

GeoRaptor For Oracle SQL Developer (A Muggle's Tale) - Presentation given on the difficulties with developing an open source extension to a free commercial product.

The Business of Open Source linux.conf.au mini-conf, Ballarat, Victoria, 16th January 2012

Oracle 12c Spatial Performance Improvement Analysis Through Comparison, Presentation BIWA and Spatial Summit 2015
(Not publically available: see paper on which it is based)

Oracle 12c Spatial Performance Improvement Analysis Through Comparison, San Francisco, California, USA, 27th January 2015